Enough’s Enough, Hun

This is from Chris Cole.

It seems that after the formerly-tame Attila the Hun’s wife, Ruth, died, he was transformed and thus became utterly ruthless. (Of course!)

As a result, when his horsemen needed spear-chucking practice, Attila would choose one of his least-needed slaves to serve as the hapless target, placing him up against the back wall of the stable. Whenever Attila set out on one of his slave-selecting sprees it spread terror among anyone in his path.

Once all Attila’s horsemen had completed their spear-throwing target practice the poor slave was, alas, quite the worse for wear, his mangled body being gruesomely pinned to the wall by dozens of spears that passed through his body and embedded themselves in the wood. Such a sight often prompted some of the horde’s macho-man onlookers to shake their heads and murmer amongst themselves, “There’s no sadder sight than a Hun-picked man!”

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