It’s so old, I almost hate to add it, but for the sake of completeness, we present this very old classic.

A very notable scientist invented the first machine that could successfully clone a human being. He decided to test it out on himself, and lo and behold, an exact replica of him appeared at the other end. The scientist was very excited that his machine worked, but when he talked to his duplicate, his clone cursed at him and spit in his face. The scientist was shocked. He tried to treat the clone nice, but everywhere he went the clone would shoot off his filthy mouth. The scientist came to the conclusion that his machine actually was a failure, but he had to rid the world of his evil clone. He took his clone to a cliff and pushed him off. The scientist was later arrested and given a trial for murder. Defense maintained that the scientist technically didn’t do anything wrong, and that he was not guilty of murder, because the clone was an aberration. The scientist was found not guilty of murder, but was sent to five years in prison, nonetheless. In the judge’s words, the scientist was guilty of “making an obscene clone fall.”

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