Dreaming in the Fifties

By Bob Levi.

How many of us remember our high school days during those simpler times of the early 1950s? Do you recall the schools mandating that girls had to wear only skirts or dresses to class? No pants allowed! (Considered too unladylike in those days.) The only time that the dress code was relaxed was on “Slob Day” when the girls didn’t have to wear skirts or dresses and could wear pants. Of course, outside of school, they could wear any attire that they desired and/or their Moms allowed. I recall hearing about some girls sitting in their bathtubs while wearing Levi’s so as to cause their denims to shrink and, thus, show off their cute little behinds.

I frequently think of one classmate in particular, Judy “Brownie” Browne. Boy, was she a looker and had a great shape. Like most of my sexually frustrated male classmates, I lusted for her and fantasized about this gorgeous, pubescent youth. Often I dreamed of Brownie with the tight blue jeans.

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