Don’t Shoot! I’m Unarmed!

David Asher submitted this little Halloween story, and I took forever to send it out. Sorry David!

This story developed as I was thinking about Halloween.

Did you know there was a fierce battle right near here (Sierra Vista Arizona) many years ago when the Buffalo soldiers fought against Cochise Indians? And it was Lance Cpl Armstrong that was said that won the battle for the soldiers. You see the soldiers and the Indians saw each other and were getting ready to fight. Cpl Armstrong was loading the cannon to fire at the charging Indians, just as he was tamping the powder into the canon with a ram rod the cannon fired! Blowing off the Cpl’s upper limbs in the process. Well I tell you when the Indians saw what was being shot at them they road off the battle field and surrendered. And to this day whenever the military is called to action you can still hear the battle cry in honor of Lance Cpl Armstrong.


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