by Alan B. Combs

This is my version, but I am sure the concept is one I dragged out of my memory somewhere.

Probably, it is time to tell you a story that originates more from my profession than do many other shaggy dogs. It is a little known fact that a pharmacist was responsible for saving the career of that creator of really weird, surrealist paintings, Salvador Dali. It seems that the artist accidently poured boiling water on his drawing hand and immediately sought help at the local pharmacy.

“What is the name of that medicinal plant that is good to treat burns?”

Our hero replied, “Aloe, Dali.”

Steve, posted the following addendum on alt.callahans.

Of course, when he looked closer, and noticed some inflammation from the burn, {and getting worse) The Pharmicist said….

“You’re looking swell, Dali, I can tell, Dali you’re still glowing, you’re still growing…

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