Colored Wool

From Melanie Aultman, this was posted on the groaners list serv.

A woman in Texas who couldn’t afford new curtains decided to dye her old ones. She got out a vat, mixed some brilliant blue dye, and set to work.

While the woman was hanging her curtains on the line, a little white lamb fell into the vat. He was fished out, unhurt, and went scurring off to dry in the sun.

A passing motorist observed the bright blue lamb, thought he’d discovered a new species, and came up offering twice the market price.

The woman decided she had a pretty good thing. Next day she dyed a second lamb. It, too, sold almost immediately at a fancy price. From this start she developed quite a business– buying, dyeing and selling lambs.

She turned out to be the biggest lamb dyer in Texas.

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