By Punmaster Gary Hallock

We regret to announce the passing of Cuppa Joseph Coffee, known to his friends simply as “Cuppa Joe.”

Although many of his detractors considered him a drip, he was a regular early morning fixture in diners all over the city. The latte Mr. Coffee was known for his perky attitude, nervous twitch and was always ready shake your hands.

In recent years he became brewed-y as he grew weary of the daily grind. He had bean on the decline spending much of his time in the sack.

All of his friends filterable about his death. One said, “He has passed much too soon and too often.”

According to family tradition his full body will be decaffeinated, cream-mated and placed into the grounds.

He is survived by his family members, Mrs. Olson, Juan Valdez and the Hills Brothers who wish to express Sankas for your sympathy.

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