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This pun cascade was recently posted to PUNY.

A man was brought into an emergency room grasping his foot and screming that he was having chest pains. The nurse asked him “If your having chest pains why are you holding your foot?”

The man replied, “Because that’s what I dropped the chest on!”


A well-endowed woman was brought into the emergency room with a man’s shoe firmly lodged in her cleavage.

The nurse asked her, “What happened to you?”

“My husband was feeling frisky and I accidentally dropped my chest on his foot. Have you seen him?”

Gary Hallock

Sounds like he got Busted!


Sounds like she got the drop on him.

If her bosom sags any further she may suffer from a laps of mammary.

Gary Hallock

To keep you abreast of the story, he told the nurse he is on the waiting list for a sex-change operation.

She said, “It’s no longer necessary, now that you have acute angina.”

Stan Kegel

She had a breast himplant and he was quite titillated

Norm S

Her plastic surgery was a total failure though you can’t blame the doctor. She didn’t give him much to work with. After all, he had knotting butt, the breasts in tension.

Gary Hallock

I was going to suggest that she got into trouble chesticulating. I guess I was not keeping abreast of the situation. It’s a case of Teats ‘n Cleats

Ms. Scarlett

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