Clowning Around

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When country singer Crystal Gayle was a little girl, she had a passion for clown dolls. But her family didn’t have a lot of money for such luxuries, so her very talented mom devoted long evenings by the fire hand crafting beautiful and interesting harlequin dolls for her daughter.

Once, while creating a particularly special and intricately designed doll, she ran into a problem. The tiny blue ‘faux crystals’ that she had chosen for the eyes simply would not stay put no matter what kind of adhesive material she tried.

Fretting, she asked her little girl (who was even then beginning to write sweet song lyrics which she performed at church suppers and various family occasions) to run outdoors and gather a little bit of pine pitch – perhaps that would stick those pesky little gems to the clown’s face.

Well, believe it or not, it worked! And little Crystal exclaimed “Oh Momma look! Don’t it make my clown eyes glue!”

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