Clementine Perverted?

This culinary tale is by Bob Dvorak.

While dining at a local cozy restaurant recently, my spouse and I were serenaded by a young man wielding a guitar. Grinning at us, he sang [… go ahead, sing along]:

“In a tavern, my companion,
Diced potatoes, poured the wine.
Broth the taste out, consomme-tin’,
Delicious soup, on which to dine.”

As he spread his hands apart to receive a round of applause, I asked him, “Is this intended to be a sample of your musical talent?”

“No,” he replied. “Just a soupçon* of my wit.”

*PS For those who never studied French, the English word “soupçon” is pronounced just like the same word in French — “soup song” (BD).

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