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Caught in a Kosher Pickle

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This is by rosecatt’s friend Fred. What a dynamic duo they make.

For all his accomplishments Sandy Koufax, the legendary pitcher, is best remembered in some quarters for his remarkable decision not to pitch in a World Series game because it fell on Yom Kippur, the most solemn of Jewish holidays. What has been buried about this day for 40 years is that another Jew, Sol Solomon, was officiating in the Series. It had been Sol’s life long dream to work a World Series as he had been in the major leagues for 26 years and had announced his retirement.

Game 3 was scheduled to begin at 4 P.M. Pacific time and Sol was energized as he would be working behind home plate, calling balls and strikes.

In a pre-game interview, Sol was asked if he would continue to participate if the game went to extra innings, and the Sabbath (darkness) arrived while he was still on the field.

Sol looked at the reporter and said “I have a deal with God. I will attend Synagogue every Saturday for one year and in exchange God will see to it that we have daylight as long as the game goes and that the sun never sets on the Yiddish umpire.”

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