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The Sesame Street Bus

Someone recently asked me whether I had this one in the collection. I was sure that I did, but actually, I did not. This version was posted by Stan Kegel on the shaggy dog listserve at It is a classic, but it is long.

A young man gets a job as a bus driver for the Sesame Street School Bus Company.

His first day on the job, he arrives at his first stop, opens the doors and looks out … Read the rest...

The Bookmaker

Stan Kegel posted this on the shaggy dog listserv.

There is a story about a certain bookmaker who was making a long trip by car when towards nightfall he happened upon an inn which had a most unusual name, The Even Steven.

Since it was located in the middle of a desolate stretch of country, and he didn’t know how much farther the next place would be, he decided to stop there for the night, He registered his occupation as … Read the rest...

The Bolt

This is by Lee Daniel Quinn. It was posted on egroup’s Shaggy dog listserv.

On day, in a Lumberville, a small town deep in the heart of the midwest, the pregnant wife of a local farmer was delivered of a beautiful baby boy. However, the obstetrician immediately whisked the baby off to the intensive care section of the hospital and warned the nurse in attendance not to tell anyone — even the mother — the reason for moving the child.… Read the rest...