Camilla & The Queen’s Corgis

It has been altogether too long since we have heard from rosecatt. Here is a timely new offering.

Now that Camilla is officially a member of The Royal Family, she has been given the chore of caring for the Queen’s corgis whenever Liz is otherwise engaged.

But Camilla becomes irritated whenever the pampered little dogs bark, and this has inspired her to invent a product to deter them, which will soon be on the market in Great Britain.

It is a special dog dish which is angled in a certain way so that when the dog drinks, the water passes down the throat very quickly, thus for a few moments afterwards, the dog is so occupied with the new sensation that it forgets to bark.

Care to hazard a guess as to the name of this invention? Why, of course she has dubbed it ‘Camilla’s Barker Bowls’.

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