Browser Wars

Glenn Gardner sent this one in.

A long time internet friend from the early days was mourning the death of Firefox on her computer and feeling some trepidation about installing and switching over to CHROME.

I advised her:

Erica, you’ll get along just fine with your new found friend if you remember the KISS principle and don’t gussy him up with all the bells & whistles available. I’ve been happily using Chrome since back in its Beta days.

There are days when things catch your eye and you CAN say ~

“I don’t need that. I DON’T NEED THAT ! ! !”

OTOH there will be days when some things will catch your eye and you’ll say “I’ll add that”, and “I’ll add that”, and “I’ll add that”.

Those “I’ll-add-that” days can be fatal to Chrome’s simplicity and speed. The good thing is you can clean him up easier than other browsers.

Like the song says,

“There’s no place like Chrome for the I’ll-add days.”

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