Breaking Wind

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William Shatner has denied he can be heard breaking wind on a new video. Shatner is seen talking to former Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy on Mind Melds: Secrets Behind The Voyage Of A Lifetime, when a mysterious noise is heard. But he says the sound didn’t come from him, and claims it may have been Nimoy.

According to media reports, the sound is heard while Shatner is talking about his relationship with some of his former colleagues on Star Trek.

When he appeared on a late night chat show with Conan O’Brien, Shatner was asked where the offending noise came from. He replied: “The cameras moving by! A dog barked! Who knows? A bird sang a beautiful song in a tree! It could have been anything!”

When asked his opinion, the Engineer, Scott, known as “Scottie”, said, “Nae! I was standin right-close to him all tha time and I can assyoore you, William Shat N’e’r at all!”

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