Borrowing Trouble

This is by Rose Katz [] and her friend Fred.

Before he became a famous movie star, Yul Brynner worked at a bank, assisting people in filling out their loan applications. He had specific instructions from his manager that the completed forms were to be given to the office boy to be taken to the Loan Processing Department. He was NEVER to leave his office and do this himself.

One day a gentleman filled out his loan application and said he was in a big hurry. Brynner could not find the office boy, so he walked it over to the Loan Processing Department himself, in direct voilation of his manager’s orders.

As bad luck would have it, a gust of wind came in from an open window as he passed and the forms went flying out into the street below. Yul sheepishly confessed what he had done, fearful of losing his job.

Fortunately, Brynner didn’t get fired, but he was given an ultimatum, nevertheless. His manager said to him expansively “You were out of line, but I’ll give you another chance. And this is the last time I am telling you this, Yul…..never walk a loan!”

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