Bible Studies in Luke

This testimonial is by Lowrie Beacham.

We have just completed a study of Luke, as I may have mentioned. Contemplating the last day of Jesus’ earthly life, I was struck yet again by how great a salvation He provides; and how much like His various opponents I am — I would gladly wash my hands of the whole struggle to do right. Yes, the old hymn had it correctly: *Jesus–Savior; Pilate–me!

See (and hear) hymn lyrics.

I told Lorie that this, perhaps, balances certain previous submissions. Lowrie replied, ” We hold this treasure in earthen vessels!” Now, I like that excuse.

Then Lowrie said:

Once again, I am a published author! Oh, the pride of fathering a new pun! It’s not my fault, you know; as Revelation 3:8 says, “I have set before thee an ‘O pun!’ door…” so I walked through…

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