Begging for a Chance

This tale is by Ted Brett.

Perhaps one of the most common jobs for young people as they work their way through college or try to pick up some extra money while still in high school is to work at local supermarkets. Most start out as baggers at the check-out counters, but occasionally promotions and opportunities come along and the chance for a little more money becomes important.

One young man had worked bagging groceries for a year but never got a promotion. He was fascinated by the the work in the produce section of the market. He was particularly taken with the way the store took fresh oranges and made fresh orange juice for customers.

He could watch the process for hours, and when the supermarket installed a new machine that squeezed juice at five times the previous rate, he could barely hold back his enthusiasm.

Intrigued by this new, high-tech device, the young man asked if he could leave his job at the check-out counter putting groceries into bags and be allowed to work the new machine. His request was denied.

“Why?” the boy asked. “I’d really like this promotion.”

The store manager replied, “Sorry son, but baggers can’t be juicers.”

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