At the Cafeteria

by Alan B. Combs

My wife and I sometimes eat at public cafeterias — Wyatt’s, Luby’s, etc. It is not so much that the food is so wonderful, but rather that it is fast, straight-forward American cooking, it is not excessively expensive, and it is not a quarter-pound heart attack in disguise. My only reservation is that there are so many of those grey-haired old farts eating there that we much younger guys feel out of place.

There is not much difference between the franchises, but we usually choose Luby’s because of its convenient location. We also are impressed that so many famous personalities actually eat there. In fact, in the years before he died, we would often see old Blue Eyes, himself, Frank Sinatra having the Luanne Special. Of course he could afford to eat elsewhere, but we would often find him in line, singing the praise, “Luby, Luby, Doo!”

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