Are We Awake, Yet?

From Bob Dvorak

The phone on Charlie’s desk rang. “Lansdale,” he said as he picked up the handset.

“Sorry, boss. I’ve got a Mike McMahon on the phone who says he’s calling you from your Legion chapter and that it’s important.”

A few clicks later, Mike was chattering in Charlie’s ear. “Sorry to bother you, Charlie. I don’t know if you heard. Vic passed on last night. Heart problems. I know a lot of us, including you, probably can’t make it to the funeral on Friday morning, but I was hoping to get as much of the membership together as possible at the wake tomorrow evening. Our last chance to spend a few moments with him.”

Charlie thought about Friday’s presentation and his expectation of a late night at the office Thursday. But still…

“C’mon, Charlie. You know and I know we’ll never see him again.”

Charlie hesitated. Mike was right. But could he spare two hours? “Ummm. I don’t know, Mike. Remains to be seen…”

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