This toxicologically relevant story is by John Vinson (John The Wysard) on alt.callahans.

Some years ago, I was trying to kill off an ant nest (not fire ants, just some inconveniently located Camponotus). I was young and foolish, and didn’t follow the safety instructions… and ended up inhaling quite a bit of the insecticide dust. Yuck!

After the diarrhea, pinpoint pupils, and other immediate effects, I was groggy and disoriented, unable to focus or concentrate, for a day or so. Yes, I was getting proper medical treatment… and it was enough of a dose to be unpleasant, but not to be fatal.

In any case, after about 36 hours all the immediate symptoms were gone… but I really felt that I had no strength. I couldn’t carry anything more than a conversation, and that only on light matters.

But I didn’t bother asking my doctor about it; after all, it’s obvious that … Sevin Daze makes one weak!

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