By Gary Hallock via PUNY.

Don Quixote was breakfasting with a friend one morning and was distressed to discover that many small sugar ants had gotten into his syrup. Being a noble fellow, he carefully removed each of the small insects, and set it aside on a clean napkin. As he did this, he counted each bug out loud. This is how he became known as “The knight of the waffle countin’ ants.”

As if this scene weren’t already strange enough, his buddy Sancho Punza came into the room, saw the little pile of ants on the napkin, placed his ear down close to it, and announced, “I believe these bugs are shouting something.”

“Oh, yes, these insects are firm believers in the theory of evolution.”

“Then they’re shouting something you can understand?”

“The ants are, my friend, bellowin’ Darwin!'”

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