Another Rudolph Pun

This came to us from Sandy Stewart. Thank you.

A man was sitting in a train carriage when suddenly the cabin door opened and two Norwegian Teddy Boys entered and sat beside him. During the course of casual conversation the two men revealed themselves as Alf and Olf, two self-confessed rock and roll fans who loved to live the dream.

When the drinks steward arrived Alf and Olf ordered two tins of beer each and proceeded to drink them. After a matter of seconds, Olf burst into an unmitigated tirade of abuse which left the third passenger horrified. Seeing the man’s distress Alf quickly explained that :

Rude Olf, the Ted, Loathes Train Beer.

Don Drinnon asked what is a “Teddy Boy”?

I answered:

Good question. I thought it was an insult for certain less than manly folks, but that isn’t it. The term originated in the part of England where Paul McCartney and the Beatles grew up. Used in the late 60’s, it indicated young men who were punk rockers. See Teddy Boy by Paul McCartney.

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