Another Monk’s Tale

Various versions of this story have been bouncing around the internet for the last few years.

After Robin Hood died, Friar Tuck decided to buy a flower shop. Just a week after opening, he discovered that some of his plants were wilting because of bad ventilation. He asked his best friend George to put new vents in for him. George did this and charged the friar five dollars.

A week later the Friar was discouraged to find even more flowers wilting. He asked another friend, Tom, to re-ventilate the shop. Tom worked on the shop’s ventilation system, but alas one week later, Frar Tuck found that nearly all his beautiful greenery was now ugly brownery.

He then decided to call his cousin’s best friend, uncle Hugh, to install new vents. Hugh spent a long time on the job, carefully replacing duct work, and putting in new blowers and filters. He charged the friar an arm and a leg, but it was worth it. In no time at all the flowers in the shop were again healthy and bright. So remember, Hugh, and only Hugh, can revent florist friars.

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