Another Administrator Story

I thank Jerry Born for this lovely old tale.

It seems that there were two University administrators who went hunting and fishing in Alaska. They flew into Fairbanks and looked for a floatplane to fly them further into the interior, to a special lake where the hunting and fishing were said to be excellent.

They could not find anyone willing to fly into the selected lake, as it was small with many snags and rocks. They finally found a pilot who would take on the job for an extra $5,000. They packed in their gear and they were off for an event of a lifetime. They got to the lake and were able to land, with some difficulty due to the snags and rocks in the lake. They arranged to be picked up in a week and the floatplane returned to Fairbanks.

The next week was grand. They each caught a record size lake trout; shot a moose and an elk. When the floatplane returned they attempted to load their gear and the trout, moose and elk. The pilot would not let them pack all of their trophies, as it would cause the plane to be overloaded.

The administrators indicated that they must have the trophies as they were administrators and no one would believe their stories unless they had proof of their adventures. They agreed, after giving the pilot an extra $6,000, that they would leave their gear and take out only the trophies. The pilot would return later for the gear that was being left at the lake.

The pilot was still concerned about the weight in the plane and taxied to the far end of the lake and gunned the motor. They rocketed across the lake but the plane was not becoming airborne as they approached the trees. The plane came off of the water and then slammed into the trees. After a few minutes one of the administrators crawled out of the plane and made his way to a large rock on which he stood to evaluate their situation. A voice came from the plane “how far did we make it?”.

The first administrator answered, “About a hundred yards further than last year.”

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