An Indian Success Story

A version of this story has been ascribed to Bennett Cerf. Another version is in Himie Koshevoy’s “Treasure Jest of Best Puns.”

A small band of Cherokee Indians on a Midwest reservation was so poor it didn’t even have skins to make teepees. Other bands knew it as the bunch that had no hides to place. But this sad state was remedied one day when the chief found oil on the property. The happy juice gushed to such an extent all of them became wealthy beyond the dreams of Manitou. The chief became wealthiest of all. He bought sports jackets, cars and other luxuries for himself and his five sons and took them to Miami for the winter. Before leaving he told a travel agent he wanted the best accommodation and that he wished his sons trained in the gentleman’s sport of yachting. When the yacht club that was approached asked the reason for the chief’s request, the answer went back from the agent: “I guess he wants to see … his red sons in the sail set.”

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