An Herb is an Herb is an Herb

Bob Levi says, “Here’s a feghoot that I created while taking a shower recently. I do some of my best thinking under water.”

At the beginning of the 20th century, famed British botanist, Lord Ramsbottom, successfully hybridized a cumin plant with a strain of coriander. The results was a cultivar that had a very unusual and highly desirable seed. The plant, when exhibited at local shows, won many awards. Lord Ramsbottom was so thrilled with his new hybrid that he showed the award winning herb at the Royal Horticultural Society Exhibition at Kew Gardens in London.

One of the visitors to the exhibition was the owner of several green grocer stores around London town. His name was Abe Shapiro and he had found prosperity in England after immigrating from Minsk and working long and hard. Abe’s knowledge of the market for herbs and spices was legendary and he was asked how he thought the newly developed strain would do in the marketplace.

He responded, “Vell, I tink it’s a vunderful ting, dis new herb. So unusual. I can’t belief dat mine eyes haff seen the cory and der cumin of da Lord.’

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