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An Arrowing Experience

Category: Rated G

By Bob Dvorak with addenda by Miss Scarlett and Chris Cole

Randy had seen one too many movies. A bow and arrow was a cool weapon. He decided to try to make some arrows.

He found some oak dowels; a local fabric store provided decorative feathers; and, for his first effort, a push-pin provided a weighted tip.

His friend Tommy had a bow-and-arrow set, so he went to Tommy’s to try out his creation. Unfortunately, when he set it against the bowstring, it popped off. Not once; not twice; all eight times.

Randy sat back and thought a few minutes. Then he took a knife and cut a little “V” in the back end of the arrow. “There,” he said, “now, it should work. Nock on wood.”

Ms. Scarlett replied:

Or he could have drawn a little scene with stars and a moon and said, ” There, now it should work. Nacht on wood.”

And then she said:

Of course, if the arrow failed, he might be found to say, “Oh, dear, nock wurst”*

Chris Cole Added:


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