Aggies, Cajuns, and the Mafia (An Official Investigation)

I cannot recall sending this old tale out. Neither is it in the collection. It is one of my favorite tales.

Down around the Texas-Louisiana border, there has been a recent rash of illegal cock fighting, with quite a bit of gambling. The director of the Louisiana State Police finally bent to public pressure and sent an investigator to get to the bottom of the problem.

The crack investigator, Boudreaux, took an unmarked cruiser and headed for the suspected location. He was gone for two days and arrived back in Baton Rouge to report to the director

He reported that there were three major groups involved in the illegal cock fighting – Texas Aggies, Cajuns, and the Mafia. Of course, the boss wanted to know how he surmised this.

Boudreaux replied that he knew there were Texas Aggies involved in the activity when he saw someone enter a duck into the contest.

He knew that there were Cajuns involved when someone bet on the duck.

He was absolutely positive that the Mafia was involved when the duck won!

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