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About those fears….

Category: Rated G

by Alan B. Combs

A psychologist friend has altogether too many patients with bizarre phobias with whom she must deal. One patient has an abnormal, paralizing fear of spiders. Another, is reluctant to go out at night, another to go out during the day. Several are afraid to walk on sidewalks because of the potential injury to their mothers’ backs. One patient is desperately afraid to spend money. Another is worried about getting disease from the germs on paper money. These are just examples.

To keep her sanity, my friend is writing a book about these folks. Each patient will comprise a chapter, and she is keeping her notes on 35 cards in a large hemispherical vessel on her table. It keeps her sane, but this (and her practice) does keep her busy most of the time. Clearly for her, life is just a bowl of charies.

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