A Wild Spirit

Another by Cynthia MacGregor

In Ted’s previous incarnation he had been too meek, and this time around, his spirit was making up for it by turning him into a wild man.

As a boy he got into all sorts of scrapes, and as an adult, this wild streak found expression in his sex life. If he didn’t literally swing from the chandeliers, he certainly did try a variety of unorthodox positions…occasionally with disastrous results.

One such occasion resulted in a fall from the bed that necessitated a trip to the emergency room, where he required three stitches.

When his best friend chided him the next day for engaging in such risky sexual adventures, he said, “Don’t blame it on me–blame it on the man I was,” referring to his past life.

Just then along came another of his buddies, who stopped aghast at the sight of Ted’s stitches. “What’s that?” he asked.

“That?” said Ted. “Oh, that’s my karma suture.”

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