A Thought from The Wright Idea Company

Marlin ‘Rusty’ Wright [twic@mac.com] posted this on the PUNY listserv. He composed this in 1993 while living in Florence, MT. He now lives in Waco, TX.

Since we seam to be Hemming and Whoring about Musick, I’ll tell about one of my many misadventures:

To start with, I AM a Musician…

I was once approached by some fellas who wanted me to join their Group.

Now, I am one to always admire Gimmicks, and the fact that they dressed in Lamb Skins and called themselves “Ewe Guise” was quite alluring.

But when I found out the REASON for their attire, I was angered. It seems they Psychically “Channeled” Sheri Lewis’ Hand Puppet, “Lamb Chops,” and listened to her advice in ALL matters.

At first I argued with this practice, but then remembered the old saying:

“Don’t Fight the Band that Heeds Ewe.”

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