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A Love Triangle

Category: Rated G

A sheepish tale by Norman Gilbert.

Once upun a time on a fork in the river Rhine there was a love triangle involving a handsome young shepherd, a beautiful princess and a sheep.

Our hero was herd to say to his loved one, “I love you.” When she asked, “How much?” he replied, “All of you.”

This was over-herd by the sheep (the obtuse side of the triangle) who became so sick with jealousy that her wool turned green and the boy cried, “Olive ewe!”

So, there are three hearts in this fable: The one that Cupid shot his arrow through, the one on the sleeve of the sheep, and . . . one’s up on a tine on the Rhine.

Comments following the original posting included one from Chris Cole:
How appropriate to have spooning at the fork!

and one from Alice Collins:
Fork Rhine out loud…

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