A College Reunion

This was a Friday Chuckle by Bob Dvorak.

Four graduates of Hunter College decided to get together for lunch at Carnegie Deli. It was a pleasant enough affair as they caught up on thirty years of family activities.

Sara said, “I’m so proud of my son. David is an investment banker down on Wall St.”

Rachel piped up, “My son Ben is a surgeon at Mt. Sinai.”

Lynn followed with, “My Donna just earned her tenure at Columbia University.”

Heidi countered with, “Sol is a pain management specialist on Park Avenue.” This got a look from Rachel, but she didn’t say anything.

On the E train back to Forest Hills, Rachel asked Heidi, “What was that all about? As far as you ever told me, Sol couldn’t get into med school.”

“Never you mind, Rachel. Let them hear what they want to hear. I said, ‘Sol is a pane management specialist on Park Avenue.'” She shrugged. “So he washes windows at Grand Central Station. It’s an honest living.”

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