A Beautiful Sight to See…

I received this from Bob Levi who said, “I created this one a while ago and thought that tonight’s as good a time as any to release it to the public….”

The people of Kurdistan continue their struggles for a unified nation. And human rights for Kurds in neighboring countries, such as Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia, remain important issues. One young Kurd, Massoud Atroushi, has been a vocal supporter of Kurdistan unification and the rights of his fellow countrymen living abroad.

Because of his involvement in the politics of his country, Massoud has had to travel a great deal. This has upset his girl friend, Shirien. She loves him, but his continuous travels has dampened her feelings for him. While Massoud was away, Shirien became involved in various women’s movements and learned to become an independent person. Suddenly, she fell in love with another man, Jalal Kamil.

One day when Massoud was away, Shirien decided to leave her former lover and live with Jalal. So she left Massoud a note. When Massoud returned from his travels with his friends, he found the note, read it and started wailing and swearing and tearing at his clothes.

“What’s wrong?” asked one of his friends.

Another looked at the note and realized that the situation wasn’t very serious. The friend explained to the others, “He’s only a Kurd in a jilted rage.

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