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The Magic Well

This gentle tale was posted by Stan Kegel on

A woman had a magic well.

She would put her pail on the edge of the well and clap her hands and the well would dispense a measured amount of water into the pail. The only problem was that the well would never give out the same amount of water.

This distressed the woman and she decided that she would consult the neighborhood priest.

She showed the priest the problem … Read the rest...

New Country Song Titles

Readers of New York magazine were asked to invent country-song titles. Here are some of their entries.

– Ain’t No Trash In My Trailer Since The Night I Threw You Out

– You Wanted To Get Hitched, But My Heart Is Filled With Whoa

– Baked My Sweetie A Pie, But He Left With A Tart

– I Lost My Honey Bunny On A Bad Hare Day

– She Chews Tobacco, But She Didn’t Choose Me

– The Peach I … Read the rest...