Ferment It’s Worth

I was out at Fitzroy Island recently – I keep saying you haven’t lived until you spend some quality time in the water with a Green Sea Turtle and then have a fine beer in Foxy’s front bar. It’s the kind of place where you sit down, look around and wonder what all the underprivileged people are doing.

Reminds me that last October I was there and Foxy’s was doing a sort of October Fest. Because everything has to come by ferry (it’s an island), they just do one featured beer on draft each day, rather than all at once. I missed the doppelbock of the previous day, but they had a very acceptable billygoat (ein Bock). Because that beer is around 7% abv, I nursed a schooner for the hour until the ferry arrived to take me back to the mainland. I actually don’t like the term “nursed”, there must be a better expression. Though I am aware that there is a wine style “liebfraumilch”, which doesn’t actually mean “Mothers Milk”.

As I was waiting for the 5-minute warning horn for the ferry’s leaving, I heard a bell. Looked over to the dock at Welcome Bay, and saw the Skipper was banging on the ship’s bell. Later found out that the Ship’s horn was broken.

So there I was, sitting on the bock of the day, watching the ride tolling away.

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