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2022 O.Henry Pun-Off Winners

Category: Rated G

In the interest of safety, the 2022 O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships was moved from May to October, and was held last weekend. Here are the winners:

Punniest of Show
1st – Erika Ettin
2nd – Gabriela Pedroza
3rd – Amanda Hopkins

1st – Dav Wallace
2nd – Jerry Yan
3rd – Arun Debray and Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski

McClughan Most Viable Punster (MVP)
Erika Ettin… Read the rest...

2021 Punniest of Show

Category: News

The virtual competition in Punniest of Show for the 44th Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship was the weekend.

The results where:

  1. Robin Roper
  2. Katy Stevens
  3. Martha Louise

 … Read the rest...

2021 Punslinger Winners

Category: News

The 44th O. Henry Pun-Off was virtual again this year. This weekend, the 2021 Punslingers competition was held.


The winner was Nikolai Vanyo, who defeated Arun Debray in the final. The runners up were Aaron Lipp and Manny Marshall.… Read the rest...

The O.Henry Pun-Off is back “ON!” – Tongues of puns linger

Category: News

  • Like all cherished things in this covid-crazy world, the O.Henry Museum’s famous free, family friendly celebration of the wit-in-word will take place virtually in cyberspace this year. With an awesome live cast of lively wits and tortured tongues, the online audience will be treated to all the linguistic twists, dramatic turns, and surprise endings they’ve groan to love. Expect to witness wacky word butchers and voracious verbivores from around the globe, all worming their way into your ears. Tongues of
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2020 Punniest of Show Results

Category: Gatling Puns, News, Puns, Video

The 43rd O.Henry Museum Pun-Off World Championships went virtual in the time of coronavirus. Videos were submitted by contestants and voted on by the public. The winners were:

1st – Jonah Spear
2nd – Gabriela Pedroza
3rd – Sara Bennett

The winning entries, as well as all entries, can be viewed at PunOff2020.com.… Read the rest...

2019 Punniest of Show Results

Category: News

The winners have been declared for Punniest of Show at the 2019 O. Henry Pun-Off, and Jerzy Gwiazdowski yet again has to find space on his trophy shelf. Sam Corbin was second, and Erica Ettin won a cheer off with Toby Micali-Gwiazdowski for third place.

I’ll have video online in the next few days. … Read the rest...

A Pawfect Stud

Category: Rated G, Short Snorts

This little gem was sent in by Joe Blake.

A guy wished to breed his female Cocker Spaniel so he advertised for a male to service her. After a while the phone rang and the following exchange occurred.

“Good morning. I read your advertisement and I’ve got a healthy young Spaniel. Unfortunately I don’t have any breeders papers for him.”

“Don’t worry about that. Any Cocker dude’ll do.”… Read the rest...

Punster of the Year 2019 Announced

Category: Rated G

The Punsters United Nearly Yearly (PUNY) announced that the 2019 Punster of the Year (POTY) is Scott Hilburn, author of the syndicated comics The Argyle Sweater.

The Argyle Sweater comic appears in over 200 newspapers worldwide including the New York Daily News, The LA Times, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune.  His comic has also been a top selling desk calendar at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com for over 10 years and can be found adorning the covers … Read the rest...

Collect Underpants, ???, Prophet!

Category: Rated G

This one was submitted by James E. Austin.

Back in the middle ages there was a guy that had a parlor trick..He would ask his friends to write down a year in the future on a piece of paper while he was blindfolded. He would then sniff the paper, sniff the ink and sniff the hand of the writer and then make a prediction of what would happen in the future year. He kept a record of all of these … Read the rest...

Hope Urine the Mood for a Potty Pun

Category: Rated PG, Short Snorts

Dave Wallace submitted the following, so blame him.

That tinkling sound you hear is from my friend’s dog. She’s an on a mat a pee-er.… Read the rest...